PBS Expectations

SSA Expectations

  • Be on time
  • Listen & follow directions from ALL staff
  • Respect school property
  • Follow dress code at all times
  • Earbuds /headphones/electronic devices should be in backpacks except during lunch or before/after school

Transition/Hallway Expectations

  • Be safe and adhere to traffic patterns
  • Go directly to assigned location quietly and orderly
  • Stay on sidewalk
  • Use appropriate language
  • Must have appropriate colored pass
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

Classroom Expectations

  • Be in attendance
  • Enter classroom quietly and orderly
  • Be prepared to learn
  • Stay on-task
  • 10-10 Rule is in effect

Arrival/Dismissal Expectations

  • Pass is required to enter building before 9:10
  • Be in class by 9:15
  • Go directly to assigned location
  • Bus riders follow rules as assigned in SCPS handbook
  • Follow dismissal traffic patterns
  • Once on campus, report to the courtyard or cafeteria
  • Late arrivals should sign-in at the front desk

Cafeteria Expectations

  • Breakfast is from 8:45-9:10 (exceptions for late buses only and      food must remain in cafeteria for breakfast)
  • Late bus students will stamp pass as they enter the cafeteria
  • Late bus students have 10 min to get food, eat, and exit cafeteria
  • Keep your area clean and throw away your trash
  • Exit through the courtyard door in the cafeteria once you are done eating
  • Food & drink remain in cafeteria /courtyard areas only

Parent/Visitor Expectations

  • Park in designated area and avoid bus ramp
  • Sign IN/OUT at front office (Parent identification required to sign-out)
  • Wear/display visitor pass while on campus
  • Report directly to assigned destination
  • Drop students off in the designated student drop-off
  • section

Restroom Expectations

  • Complete sign out/in sheets in all classes
  • Respect restroom by keeping it clean
  • 10-10 freeze rule applies
  • Must have appropriate colored pass


  • Passes required for all areas (must have appropriate colored pass)
  • Display STORM behaviors at all times
  • Student must sign-in upon arrival to designated area